Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earth Day Meditations: Remembering Dam Pond

It's my spirit that most remembers sitting in the middle of Dam pond at dusk. I am gently cradled and rocked by the water's rhythmic dance beneath me. The coming twilight will be my nightlight. The music of the loons, the bullfrogs, the yellow warblers, and the tree swallows my lullaby. I am at peace. My spirit is soothed as I meditate. I gaze at the reflection of the pines upon the water. I glance up at the blue and white and pink sky. I silently greet the magnificence of all that I do not see; the miraculous and countless entities beneath the pond's surface, and the magic and the mystery of the very universe. Here and now there is no yearning, no searching, no struggle. I am surrounded and enfolded in the arms of God. It's that simple.

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