Friday, April 24, 2009

Preparing for "Honoring The Sacred in Nature" this Sunday

In preparing for this coming Sunday's event here at SagePlace, "Honoring the Sacred in Nature: Honoring the Sacred in Ourselves," I came across a book filled with wisdom and beautiful imagery entitled, "By Monomoy Light" written by North T. Cairn. In it she wrote,

" I have spent most of my life exploring the hinterlands of the hidden self, and when the time was right, I made the north – the mythological direction governing birth and death; the body and nature; growth, creativity and silence – my own.”

She also wrote, "Still, the last decade of the millennium was more for me the beginning of ten years of wandering in a small wilderness, and it would change me for good. It is not that I found myself in the sparse wilderness of Monomoy, but rather that I lost myself there, in the intricate elegance and uncompromising energy of nature.”

For me, Maine fits her description of the North perfectly and offers us opportunities to be both lost and found.

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