Friday, March 20, 2009

Growing a Garden in Lewiston

Some of my fondest memories of childhood involve my grandmother's garden. It was magic. It rendered food. It offered places to hide among the raspberry bushes. It seemed to die every winter, and come back to life each spring. It felt like holy ground. It offered hope.

There are numerous practical reasons why growing a garden in our backyards is a wonderful idea and in addition to those, we need a little magic now more then ever. We need to be reminded that new beginnings follow endings. We need places to hide. We need holy ground. We need hope.

There are terrific resources here in Maine for those of us who need help in establishing and nurturing a garden including:

Lots to Gardens (here in Lewiston!)

Video about Lots to Gardens

Eat Maine Foods

kitchen Gardeners International (based here in Maine!)

Maine Cooperative Extension

The Maine Gardening Forum

Also, On March 28th, (next Saturday) the annual Maine Garden Day workshops will be held in Auburn. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn for both new and experienced gardeners.

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