Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sustainable Consumption

Bill Seitz wrote in response to Umair Haque's article, America's Addiction and the New Economic's of Strategy that, "maybe consumerism is a pathological vacuum-filler compensating for a lack of meaning/engagement/creativity..." I believe there is significant truth in Seitz's statement.

This economic crisis certainly calls for a life filled with far more meanginful activities, civic engagement, and enormous creativity. Questions that I think are important to ask ourselves right now are:

(1) are enough of us going to answer the call?
(2) In addition to asking how we might live with less, we need to consider what will ultimately offer us more of what matters most.

Here are just a few sources that I've been reading lately

Excerpts from Bo Lozoff's book, "It's a Meaningful Life"

Sustainable Consumption: Facts and Trends (an online document available online)

The New Economics of Sustainable Consumption (a book, not available online however you can read an article by one of the authors here )

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