Friday, March 27, 2009

Meditation on Ruin by Jay Hoppler

The poem "Meditatation on Ruin" by Jay Hoppler featured on The Writer's Almanac today would be a particularly good poem to process in our "quake to quest" group. We each encounter on a regular basis those "unremarkable" frustrations, losses, and wounds to our egos, to our hearts, and to our souls. And yes, over the years they certainly can, and do, contribute to our unraveling. Still, what about those other seemingly inconsequential and uncelebrated moments that are contained within our days - the magical dance of sunlight through a prism, a kind word from a stranger, a rainbow, a starry sky, the sweet embrace of a small child, a warm and delicious meal... What do all of these small gifts amount to, where do they ultimately lead?

I think I'll suggest to the "Quake to Quest" group this evening that we spend some time processing the "Meditation on Ruin" and then engage in an earnest 'Mediation on Blessing.'

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